Scientific and logistic support has been frequently given to activities disseminating research findings to general public and students and increasing public awareness in marine conservation.

Using CIEMAR facilities, nearby shore systems and the Port of Sines, these activities have been made in the following subjects:

  • biology, ecology and conservation of marine seaweed, fishes and invertebrates;
  • biology, ecology and conservation of rocky shore and estuarine seaweed and invertebrates;
  • biology, ecology and conservation of the stalked barnacle Pollicipes pollicipes ;
  • zooplankton biology and ecology;
  • biology, ecology, conservation and catch (fisheries techniques and management) of marine fishes sold at the fishing port of Sines;
  • research projects of CIEMAR.

With manipulative experiments, processes of rocky shore macroepibenthic invertebrates abundance and distribution have also been studied with special projects involving basic and high school students and teachers.

These outreach activities have been made with the collaboration of several institutions, namely:

  • Town Hall of Sines
  • Sines and Algarve Ports Authority
  • basic and high schools of Sines, Odemira and Vila Nova de Milfontes.

CIEMAR activities have been presented in several media, namely:


  • Investigação no CIEMAR, Bombordo (RTP2)


  • Exploração de percebes na costa sudoeste portuguesa, Bombordo (RTP2)